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We are a chamber music group formed by saxophone (Alejandro Oliván) and trombone (Adrián Albaladejo) with a determined commitment to the performance, creation and diffusion of new repertoire.Since our inception, we have developed many initiatives to encourage the international creation of new music., commissioning and world-premièring pieces by: Santiago Díez- Fischer (ARG, 1976), Nuño Fernández Ezquerra (ESP, 1992), Jon Yu (USA-TWN, 1988), Jaehyuck Choi (KOR, 1994), Emre Eröz (TUR, 1995), Nicolas Rouvile (BEL, 1989). Future commissions include pieces by Luis Codera Puzo (ESP, 1981), Kevin Juillerat (CH, 1987) and Fernando Manassero (ARG, 1984).Aware of the necessity of helping performers and music creators to thrive in their professional career, Duo Signal has always coupled their commitment to the performance of new music with diverse pedagogical initiatives.Duo Signal always proposes music for the inquisitive ear. Each concert has a different meaning and we adapt our repertoire with the aim of exploiting the sonic possibilities of the space and the context. We have featured from purely instrumental pieces tothe expansion of the group with the addition of audiovisual elements, enthrallingthe audience with the myriad of possibilities residing in this duo of instruments.​


The Swiss based ensemble ö! was founded in 2002, and from its inception has focused on the performance of contemporary music. There are currently has 13 members, supplemented by additional players as required. The ensemble’s principal conductor is Francesc Prat, but many programs are performed without a conductor.ensemble ö! has strong associations with the Swiss canton of Graubünden and its historic capital Chur, and today, more than 20 years after the ensemble was founded, contemporary music has become a significant part of the cultural life of the region. In 2019 ensemble ö! founded the biennial festival “tuns contemporans”, which it runs in association with the Kammerphilharmonie Graubünden, the region’s professional orchestra. ensemble ö! is also an integral part of the wider Swiss new music scene and, thanks to its venues in Chur, Basel and Zurich, is regularly accessible to an extensive audience. A portrait of the ensemble was broadcast on Swiss national radio, SRF 2, in November 2020.Beyond its regular venues, ensemble ö! has been invited to the London Ear Festival, the Festival Archipel in Geneva, the Tingueley Museum in Basel, the Musikpodium Zurich, the Muskhochschule in Saarbrücken, as well as many other venues in Switzerland and beyond, regularly cooperating with museums and galleries.In 2023, ensemble ö! now has a repertoire of 422 works by 162 composers, 62 of which were premieres. The revival of repertoire works is also a priority, allowing the interpretation to gain in maturity and depth, and whenever possible the ensemble engages in intensive collaboration with composers. Programmes are carefully designed, often with an extra-musical theme, to form a cohesive whole, effectively creating a concert-length composition out of the individual works. The ensemble’s Board of Trustees includes experts in the fields music, literature, the humanities and the sciences, and contributes to the development of ideas leading to the presentation of concerts in wider, non-musical contexts.​


KlangLab arbeitet im Bereich neuer und experimenteller Musik in engem Austausch mit wechselnden Komponist*innen an der Entwicklung von Stücken, die teils installative Momente initiieren oder ortsspezifisch ansetzen.Der Name „KlangLab“ fokussiert auf den Entstehungs- und Probenprozess, der den einzelnen Kompositionen und Aufführungen vorausgeht. Das musikalische Material, das der*die Komponist*in mitbringt, wird von den Musiker*innen während der gemeinsamen Arbeitsphase erprobt und modifiziert, bis eine gemeinsame Idee zwischen den Ensemblemitgliedern und der Komponist*in entsteht. Diesen kreativen Austausch begreift das Ensemble als Klanglabor, das Raum für ein gemeinsames musikalisches Experimentieren gibt. ​

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