Duo Signal

Signal is a duo formed by saxophone and trombone - euphonium.
After several years of collaboration and joint performances in different chamber music ensembles and festivals, such as ZeitRäume Basel, Impuls Akademie Graz, Nachtstrom Basel or New Studios Concerts at the Musik Akademie Basel, saxophonist Alejandro Oliván and trombonist Adrián Albaladejo, both residents of Basel, decided to start a new project as a duo.

For Duo Signal, each concert has a different meaning, and they adapt their repertoire with the aim of exploiting the sonic possibilities of the space and the context.

The members of this group have an extensive professional career, have performed in some of the most important contemporary music festivals of the moment and have won numerous awards at national and international festivals. Among their recent concerts, it is worth mentioning their participation in the concert series of the "Swiss Foundation for Young Musicians" or in the Mimiko concert series at the Elisabethenkirche in Basel. Future projects include a tour of several cities in Germany, Switzerland and Spain.

Since its beginnings, Duo Signal has already premiered more than 10 works by young international composers, gaining great recognition in the new music scene.

Alejandro Oliván - Saxophone

Adrián Albaladejo - Trombone and Euphonium

Tactus Project
Tactus group photo.JPG

Tactus Project is an ensemble stablished in Basel by a group of musicians  who felt many contemporary classical music was missing proposals to engage audience in the act of listening. Always aiming to create immersive experiences, this project is their own statement on how music should be faced, performed, and listened to. In their concerts, all the elements present are carefully planned to contribute cohesively to the whole. They propose music which transcends the shallowness of trends; music that is meaningful, cohesive and enriching for the audience, regardless the media it uses to express itself.


The ensemble composed by José Luis Inglés (clarinets), Adrián Albaladejo (trombone/euphonium), Katarina Leskovar (cello) and Asia Ahmetjanova (piano) under the artistic direction of Nuño Fernández Ezquerra. An unusual combination of instruments that  allow them to explore new sonorities and revitalise the creation of new music for this combination.


All of them have an extensive experience in contemporary and classical music performance and creation, being featured in diverse festivals internationally. Their inquisitiveness have led them to explore diverse kinds of musical expressions (as interpreters or creators) fact that brings a new and refreshing perspective to contemporary performance and to the kind of concert experiences they propose. 

Asia Ahmetjanova - Piano
Adrián Albaladejo - Trombone, euphonium
José Luis Inglés - Clarinets
Katarina Leskovar - Cello
Nuño Fernández Ezquerra - Artistic direction

Ensemble Klanglab_portrait_19_09_20_Colour_腰uri pires tavares_14.jpg

KlangLab is a Basel-based ensemble dedicated to the creation of new, staged musical works through a close collaborative process with composers.

Comprising cello, electronics, e-guitar, trombone, flute, saxophone and percussion, and without previous repertoire for this instrumentation, the group creates a unique sound universe by nature.

The name “KlangLab” refers to the creation and rehearsal process of each piece in which the group is involved. The musical material the composer brings is reworked and modified by the musicians during the rehearsals until a common idea between both sides is achieved. In this sense, we create a creative space which works as a sound laboratory.