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Premiered works


Andrea Scartazzini (*1971)

Dies illa / Kammerorchester Basel 

Goni Peles (*1988) & Yuval Adler

ScoreCraft / KlangLab -> Recording

David Sonton Caflisch (*1974)

Kilroy is not here anymore / Ensemble Ö!

Mioko Yokoyama (*1989)

Forward loop / Duo Signal

Kevin Juillerat (*1987)

Signal-Antienne / Duo Signal

Lanqing Ding (*1990)

Dorian Gray / Duo Signal

Hugo Gómez-Chao (*1995)

libro delle immagini V -im Weiten, Leichten, Kalten / Arxis Ensemble

Claudia Cañamero Ballestar (*1995)

Gran hotel abismo / Arxis Ensemble

Dativo Tobarra (*1993) 

Spring echoes / Duo Signal

Fernando Manassero (*1984)

The future is a seamless loop / Duo Signal

Alfred Zimmerlin (*1955) + KlangLab

Let Me Tell You About My Sound / KlangLab

Ryoko Akama (*1976)

(un)comfortably confused / KlangLab -> Recording


Michel Roth (*1976)

Ramanujan Fever Dream / KlangLab -> Recording

Santiago Díez-Fischer (*1977)

an when you are gone there will be no memory / Duo Signal

Asia Ahmetjanova (*1992)

Absage for ensemble / Ensemble Ö! -> Recording

Jaehyuck Choi (*1994)

Signal / Duo Signal

Jon Yu (*1988)
An altar in three frames / Duo Signal

Yiran Zhao (*1988)

Silver for 6 performers / KlangLab -Recording

Johannes Kreidler (*1980)

master / slave feedback for ensemble electronics and video / CONTAINER Ensemble -Recording

Emre Eröz (*1995)

Miniatures I, II for trombone and electric guitar / Supernovæ

Peter Ablinger (*1959)

Metallurgien for ensemble / KlangLab -Recording

Olav Lervik (*1982)

Nosferatu for ensemble / der/gelbe/klang

Andrea Neumann (*1968)

Seitenmusik for ensemble / KlangLab -> Recording


Francisco José Collado Juan

Out of nowhere for tenor saxophone, trombone & fixed media / Duo Signal -> Recording

José Benjamín González

Tlön, nos acecha el cristal for saxophone and trombone / Duo Signal -> Recording

José María Rodríguez Gómez

4 miniaturas for saxophone and trombone / Duo Signal

Bertrand Gourdy (*1989)

Ultima Sera for ensemble / KlangLab -> Recording


Emre Eröz (*1995)

in between for saxophone and trombone / Duo Signal -> Recording


Nicolas Roulive (*1989)

Noot Noot for saxophone and trombone / Duo Signal -> Recording


Nuño Fernández Ezquerra (*1992)

Vers l'essence de l'écoute for saxophone and trombone / Duo Signal -> Recording


Bruno Maderna (1920–1973)

Serenata per Luisa for piccolo, clarinet, 2 trompeten and 2 posaunen / zone expérimentale basel 


Gitbi Kwon (*1992)

Do not go gentle into that good night for ensemble / zone expérimentale basel -> Recording


Lina Posėčnaitė (*1995)

Presque rien for ensemble / Sonic space basel

Areum Lee (*1989)

Stille for ensemble and live electronics / Project Ensemble Morph -> Recording


Chanhee Lim (*1985)

(s)ein for ensemble and live electronics / Project Ensemble Morph -> Recording


Pouria Eghdami (*1987)

Regolith for ensemble and electronics / Project Ensemble Morph -> Recording


Konstantin Heuer (*1989)

Polar gigantism for ensemble and live electronics / Project Ensemble Morph


Beat Gysin (*1968)

Hausmusik for clarinet, trombone, percussion and violin / studio-klangraum


Wanja Aloé (*1970)

Vor Ort 8 for trombones and MIDI-Keyboard (Sampler) / les trombones de bâle


Oliver Rutz (*1998)

Kleinste Gespräche for ensemble / KlangLab -> Recording


Nora Vetter

Dream Paralysis for ensemble / Latenz Ensemble -> Recording


Fernando Manassero (*1984)

The Threshold Sound for btbn, acc, vln, vla, vlc, elec / Latenz Ensemble 


Meike Senker (*1990)

Von Außen for ensemble and electronics / Latenz Ensemble -> Recording


Moritz Achermann / Christian Spitzenstaetter

Feedbackloops for ensemble / Latenz Ensemble -> Recording


Piotr Roemer (*1998)

Fantasma  for orchestra and electronics Basel Sinfonietta -> Recording


Cécile Marti (*1973)

Seeing Time 1 for orchestra Basel Sinfonietta         


Pawel Hendrich (*1979)

Absusurrus for flute, orchestra and electronics Basel Sinfonietta -> Recording    


Elnaz Seyedi (*1982)

Frames II for ensemble IEMA Ensemble        


Michael Taplin

Caught in the Breeze for ensemble / IEMA Ensemble -> Recording       


Leonardo Marino

Sul far della notte for oboe and ensemble / IEMA Ensemble -> Recording


Bianca Bongers (*1987)

to the ..light.. and the HEAVY!! Ensemble IEMA Ensemble -> Recording       


Martin Loridan

Hólo(s) for ensemble zone expérimentale basel -> Recording       


Rakhat-Bi Abdyssagin (*1999)

The Space of Resonance for ensemble / zone expérimentale basel -> Recording       


Martin Ritter

light.tear for ensemble zone expérimentale basel  -> Recording      


Misha Cvijović

Penumbra for ensemble / zone expérimentale basel -> Recording       


Meike Senker (*1990)

KATAKATA for tenor trombone, percussion and viola zone expérimentale basel -> Recording


Regina Irman (*1957)

«Zeiten» for tenor trombone     


Ulrich Gasser (*1950)

Stukkatur for 2 pianos, 14 winds and percussion / Ensemble Ars Braemia

Gerhard E. Winkler (*1959)

Liquid Metal (Anamorph XIV) for 8 trombones / les trombones de bâle 



Manuel Rodriguez Valenzuela (*1980)

<29> for ensemble, disklavier, tape and video CrossingLines Ensemble  -> Recording


Stefano Gervasoni (*1962) (Italian premiere)

Nube Obbediente for trombone, percussion and ensemble / Divertimento Ensemble        


Salvatore Sciarrino (*1947) (Italian premiere)

Il sogno di Stradella for ensemble Divertimento Ensemble



Daniel Apodaka

Fantasia, quasi un concerto for euphonium and ensemble -> Recording        


Dani López

Caressing the fears for euphonium, bass clarinet, piano   


Nuño Fernández Ezquerra

El suspiro que no cesa for soprano, cello, bass clarinet, piano, trombone -> Recording      


Maya Verlaak

Song & Dance(II)-An excessively elaborate effort to explain or justify for ensemble  Divertimento Ensemble -> Recording


Yu Kuwabara

Ten voices for ensemble / Divertimento Ensemble        


Nicolas von Ritter-Zahony

Scotomes for ensemble / Divertimento Ensemble -> Recording



Jon Roskilly

Spielzeug I for euphonium


Daniel Apodaka

Sinfonia, a tre voci for flute, clarinet, euphonium


Paul Clift

objets à reaction poétique for ensemble Ensemble Zone Experimental Basel -> Recording


Daniel Apodaka

Corale and minuet for horn, trombone, euphonium, percussion


Daniel López

La tormenta y el último hombre Flute, euphonium, guitar, cello, electronics percussion


Victor Vallés

Rapsodia for euphonium solo, tuba quartet, percussion


Eleni Ralli

Inside-outside for mezzo-soprano, flute, trombone, harp, piano, viola, cello -> Recording


Verena Weinmann

Trio I for 2 trombone, percussion -> Recording


Giovanni Santini

Songs from a body for flute, tenor sax, trombone, viola, piano


Juan Pablo Orrego

Blau for trombone quartet, sax quartet -> Recording



Pablo Carrascosa

Dialogue for euphonium and live electronic 

Pablo Fredes

Pop for tuba and electronics -> Recording


Daniel Apodaka

Cinq poemes Houellebecq for soprano voice, viola, euphonium -> Recording


Sergio Ramis

Imágenes for piano and orchestra -> Recording


Pablo Carrascosa Llopis 

Rubbing / Scratching / Striking for 10 instruments  BCN 216 -> Recording



Xavier Pagès i Corella

El Crit del Temps for orchestra -> Recording

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